Why is Music Important in Life?

Music is the most creative form of art that has not only attracted us for its invisible beauty but has enduringly captivated our hearts and minds. No matter if we can sing or not, music is something that flows in our blood and has become a part of our life. People from different cultures, regions, caste, states, or countries unite at a particular point, and that little point is known as music where there is no barrier. It will be equitable to say that music is an art that is important for us to live. A person who tries to keep himself away from social media or any technology that connects him with art finds music around him in one way: music is not just a song but the arrangement of sounds that we get from nature. The chirping of birds, sounds of rain and wind, and more are some examples that we hear every day, and we cannot keep ourselves away from them. So, unknowingly, music has surrounded us and is helping us to live peacefully.
In this blog, I will be disclosing the things that make music important in our life. We all listen to music with a purpose, and here, I will be revealing a few reasons that prove the importance of music in our lives that will also relate to the majority.
Let’s get to the Rhythm:

Reduces Stress
If we talk about stress, there are various forms of its own. Anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, weak immune system are major problems caused by stress. Stress is generally caused by a lot of pressure, thinking and worrying about something, and sometimes due to a big or no change at all in your life. But what do you think helps you the most? Music is one thing that brings you out of the suffering you are going through in your life. Music heals you internally and reduces stress instantly. Yes, it is possible that when you play off the music you were listening to calm down, stress has chances to come back, but listening to music daily will help you relax and stay tranquil. This is something that I do to reduce my stress.

Stimulate Memories
We as humans tend to relate our life and situation to the things we see around us. And music is one such thing that we usually relate our lives with. You must have noticed that we listen to music that completely defines our mood. For example, if you are upset or just had a breakup with your partner, you are more likely to listen to sad and emotional songs. Or if you are happy and joyous at the moment, you would like to listen to the songs that will enhance your mood. And we do such things because it somewhere satisfies our emotional cravings. If you break up with someone, you must have heard that Arijit Singh’s songs can do wonders because his songs and music have the power to fulfill and satisfy your psychological demands. Also, as mentioned earlier, we relate our life with music, which helps stimulate the memories that we have only built and synced with that music.

Eases Pain
When you find your emotions getting satisfied, you eventually end up with less pain and suffering. The process goes like this- It initially stimulates the memories, takes you to the peak where you will completely get dissolved into your emotions, and simultaneously takes you away from that memory and will lower down the inner that states that music heels and eases the pain. Music helps in dealing with the acute and chronic pain that is caused in the muscles. That is why the spas all over the country prefer to use silent rooms along with dim lights and soft or relaxing music that takes away all the pain and leaves you with a fresh and energetic start.

Makes You Happier
Once you are away from all the regret and melancholy, you start to feel fresher and happier. This is when music has done its part. Scientifically, music releases a chemical called dopamine responsible for relaxing our mood and promoting the happiness inside us. Have you ever thought why old age people you’re your grandmother or grandfather feel happier while listening to music? Because music gives their life a boost. They think of memories, feel rejuvenated as music is a kind of brain workout for them. Whatever we think about music with spiritual value has a scientific opinion, which usually compliments the thought. And music is responsible for making us happier is not just an opinion but also a scientifically proven belief.

Builds Concentration
Concentration is another element that is triggered by music. Believe it not, but music tends to build concentration. As we all know, music boosts our mood and leaves us to start afresh. Our mind is built so that we can think about 3 to 4 things at a certain time, which can make a huge chaos in our head, leading to a poor concentration level. Music has a really fun and shocking role in building concentration, and that is- if you’re studying or busy doing a task and are unable to maintain your concentration because of the rush of thoughts going in your mind, play the music on. This will gather all your thoughts at a particular place and will build your concentration.

Promotes Communication
Music is an art, and all artistic things convey something in the form of massage that leads to communication. Through music, people can share feelings, emotions, and meanings. Many people loves to confess their words through the medium of songs. Example- Music and songs are made considering what the audience wants, and audiences share their interests through grooving in the music. So, here music promotes communication between the maker and the audience.
Another interesting example is TV Serials. Just by hearing the background music, we can easily determine the situation of the episode. This is what we call music promoting communication.

Treats Many Diseases
Directly or indirectly, Music becomes a reason for treating many diseases. As mentioned above, music reduces stress and makes you happier. Being stressed and unhappy alone can make you fall sick, and music can help reduce both the things. So, to remain healthy, music is an effortless exercise that can assure a better health. It is also said that music cures the heart diseases as it can normalize the heart rate and blood pressure, cures autism, stroke, and depression because listening to music and humming along can promote the blood circulation in the body makes our brain active.

Removes Negativity
A person cannot be positive all the time and there are few people that welcomes the negative thought with open arms and has less connection with positivity. A few people think pessimistically while starting up something or beginning up with a task. Music can play a great role for them to stay positive as it does not divert your attention to the things that can cause you to think negative. It keeps you motivated and stick you to the work and you don’t get time to think negative because even if you take a break from the task, music keeps you busy.

Being a musician, I myself relate with all the things mentioned above. Music is like water as water keeps us hydrated, which is beneficial for health, music is a medicine whose daily intake can lead to an unruffled life. If you’re a person who is lazy and doesn’t want to wake up and exercise to remain healthy and stress free. Music works as a perfect workout that needs no specific time to perform.
These were the things that makes music important in our lives. Do let me know your favorite song and which element related you the most.

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